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If you have already begun investing the time in your education with Trading Textbook and/or some other source of learning, you’ve shown dedication to succeed as a trader in the markets.

But something you should ask…

Is there another strategy that I can do every day consistently and be a successful trader in the markets?

There are very typical and definitive reasons why most traders and investors don’t accomplish a path to consistent results and profits they aspire to let alone hope for.

Most traders go about making all the wrong decisions at absolutely the worst time.

While the professionals continue to take their money over and over day after day.

You’re probably asking why that is?

Most traders do not understand how to SEEK and DISCOVER the high-quality trade setups.

The same ones the pros are pursuing.

The ones that are determined to give a BIG PAYDAY.

The ones most traders don’t have a clue how to find.


You can find and trade these setups.

This is a strategy on Trading Gaps where you will learn a tested method 

on how to pull profits from the market every day.

Just like this here JinkoSolar was gapping way lower at the open on earnings. It’s moments like this where you will learn how to anticipate specific price levels the stock will find support and then reverse the trend

This course shows you how to find them and trade them using time-tested and proven methods with basic math.

You’re going to learn a cutting-edge method of trading stocks used by the top traders to scalp piles of cash from the markets every single day.

You’ll do this by knowing the precise price levels where stocks will find support and resistance BEFORE they reach those levels.

Most traders stare at their screens thinking about why they couldn’t place the trade at the right price.

The Gap Trading Course

Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll learn:

When To Enter The Trade

Learn how to identify the areas where you enter trades determined by support and resistance

Identify Your Trade Exits

You learn how to sell into strength or cover into weakness so you get the best exits on trades

Discover The Best Gaps

Learn to identify the right stocks that are gapping and increase profits on every trade

Consistent And Repeatable

Proven strategy, based on specific chart patterns and basic math as well as order flow

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If you begin using these strategies today you can begin earning REAL MONEY on a consistent basis.

$200 per day? 

$500 per day?

$1000 per day? 

Whatever your goal might be

I explain everything you need to do to be successful STEP by STEP In a very detailed format.

We go over exactly how you can identify the same price levels I do on both the Market Open Gap Trades and when stocks come back to FILL GAPS.

What Will You Learn?

Two very specific and profitable Gap Trading strategies.

First The Market Open Gap Trades

Trades like Disney where the stock had a big gap down at the open. This course teaches you how to isolate the price level where the stock would likely find support and then reverse trend. You will know where to buy in situations like this even before the market opens. As you can see the stock found support and trended higher for the rest of the day.

How about this trade where NIO had a similar gap lower at the open but found support, reversed higher, and provided solid profits for anyone who was able to step in at the right price.

This course teaches you how to find those price levels giving you the confidence to buy right alongside the pro traders who are waiting for the right price.

As you can see there was plenty of opportunities to make a huge profit on this trade.

And then there’s FUTU that gapped higher from the previous day’s close. This was a great opportunity to sell this stock short if you’re able to recognize the price level it would stop rising and reverse. 

Remember nothing goes in a straight line. Stocks go up and stocks go down.

If you want to learn how to find the price levels where stocks change trend then this is for you. And that’s just the start.

Reasons This Is What You Need

  • Continuing Education to Increase Your Trading Ability

  • Improve your trade execution by focusing on a proven strategy

  • Develop consistency in your trading

  • On-going support and feedback ↓

In the second strategy, you’ll learn how to fill your account with even more profits.


Well, when stocks come back to fill their gaps. This happens all the time.

Look at how PLUG Power worked its way down to fill the gap and reversed right at the exact level.

You’ll have an understanding of which stocks are most likely to fill their gaps and reverse trend from that level which will give you large profits quickly.

You’ll learn how to take a two-step approach allowing you to take partial profits right away letting the rest of your trade be risk-free while the stock continues to trend in your favor.

And here’s FUBO another example of a stock drawn to a gap and reversing direction as soon as it was filled. You can see the type of pullback it had as soon as the gap was filled.

In this course, I show you exactly which stocks works best and which ones to avoid.

How Do You Know It’s Right For You?

Traders who are ready to learn a proven strategy and put in the work to study
Those who need help identifying the right trades and the right entries
Anyone who trades exchange-traded stocks and wants to gain an edge
People who are looking for a consistent way to make money in the markets

Someone who showed up yesterday and thinks money comes easy when trading
Those who don’t treat trading as a business
Anyone who thinks there is no such thing as a losing trade
People who plan to trade with money they cannot afford to lose

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Common Questions

What is the cost of the Gap Trading Course?

The Gap Trading Course is just $299 one time.

What’s included in the course?

You get 17 video lessons complete with two different but complementary gap trading strategies that you have immediate access to. You will have lifetime access to the course and any future additional lessons and updates.

What happens after I enroll in the course?

You will get an email confirming your purchase and a link to activate your account, creating a password for course access. Once you do that you will have access to the course content platform.

Is there a refund policy?

When you purchase this course you get immediate value from the information, strategies, and trading techniques. As a result, there are no refunds.

You are not alone after you buy the course. I am here to help you every step of the way. But trading is a long-term game, not a get-rich-quick opportunity, it takes time and effort. If you are unsure about investing in your trading future, then wait until you are comfortable, or email me if you have additional questions on how this course can help you.