Best 3D Printing Companies to Invest in

Best 3D Printing Companies to Invest in

Over the past three decades, technology has advanced at a rapid rate, with this rapid advancement in technology, added efficiency to already existing markets and the rapid growth of many new markets in the technology realm.

Software companies such as Google or Microsoft have soared through the stock market, making many early investors profits they could have never foreseen.

In the modern era, the skepticism on tech stocks has declined to the point where it no longer exists. Innovators like Elon Musk have brought the innovation of advanced technologies to markets that seemed to be far behind such a massive transition.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a surge in the need for new universal technologies for the population to stay connected. Video conferencing software has gone from a small market to a massive one based on the shift in demand amongst the population.

The time for technological innovation has never been more abundant with creation. Along with innovation comes the opportunity for investment and profit. Among the surge in new technology and subsequent new markets is the 3D printing industry. 

3D printing has moved past its early stages of simple plastic molds and designs to an industry that can contribute to a wide variety of different fields.

For example, multiple 3D companies exist that specialize in the 3D printing of houses through large-scale 3D printers and advanced materials.

Due to the growth of many of these companies’ traders worldwide must evaluate which 3D printing stocks have the highest potential for future growth.

Top 3D Printing Companies to Invest in

Based on potential growth and current value Stratasys (SSYS), ExOne (XONE), and Proto Labs (PRLB) are the top 3D printing stocks to add to your portfolio for Q4 of 2021.

Stratasys makes 3D printers for designing and manufacturing products for aerospace, automotive, dentistry, and consumer electronic products. Net sales for Stratasys have risen 25% since last year. They also beat their estimates on profit per share last year by $0.13.

ExOne is a global supplier of 3D printers and 3D printing machines. The custom specifies their machines based on customer needs and wants. They also supply materials associated with the operation of the 3D printers as well as replacement parts.

Last year in 2020, they had revenue growth of 69%. ExOne has also managed to acquire numerous government and defense orders improving their sales figures. If this relationship continues for ExOne, it could be a profitable market.

Proto Labs is a rapid manufacturer of custom parts associated with 3D printers. They manufacturer 3D printers, parts, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding machines. Their market cap sits at 2.1 billion dollars, giving them one of the highest values of 3D printing stocks.

Proto Labs’ability to rapidly-produce custom parts for their customers is due to their large-scale automated 3D printers to excel in manufacturing while lowering costs.

In January 2021, Proto Labs acquired 3D Hub, an online manufacturing platform. The acquisition is likely to accelerate their top-line growth.

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